Life After BookCamp

The BookCamp Halifax 2013 poster (designed by Anne Verge). Click to enlarge.

A single day goes by pretty quickly, even under normal circumstances. Under exceptional circumstances, such as those in play on Saturday, November 9th, a day can fly by at supersonic speed.

And it did. BookCamp Halifax 2013 was a whirlwind. It was a fast-paced, fascinating, friendly frenzy of information, connection, and rumination. It had all the bits and pieces necessary to get people talking and thinking about books and publishing as they are now and as they might be in the future.

I feel very privileged and honoured to have been part of the team that brought BookCamp together. My role was primarily the website, the Eventbrite page, and the techy bits, but I also participated in the fund-raising book sale on October 11th and got our volunteers set up for the task of scanning attendee tickets at the door.

I spent the entire day at BookCamp, and I learned a lot about writing, publishing, self-publishing, self-promoting, and fund-raising. I also met a lot of new and interesting people, and reconnected with some folks I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Now that the event is over, I thought I’d repurpose the website into a bit of retrospective. Since the site is running WordPress, it seemed to me that the blog feature might be a good way of doing this.

So here we are, at BookCamp Halifax 2013’s first blog post. I hope this will be the first of many.

I encourage anyone stopping by here to leave comments on the blog posts, and I also invite you join our Flickr group (called “BookCamp Halifax 2013“)and add any photos you might have from the event.

And, if you want to see our original front page, it’s here.

I had a blast at BookCamp Halifax 2013, and I hope you did too.

Thanks for attending.

–Eric Rountree (co-organizer and webmaster)