BookCamp Sponsors

The organizers of BookCamp Halifax would like to express their  deepest appreciation to the following companies and organizations for their support and participation:

BookNet Canada


Visit their website at



Visit their website at

We would also like to thank the following downtown restaurants. who have generously offered a ten percent discount to BookCamp attendees (you’ll have to show them your e-ticket on your mobile device).

  1. Pipa Restaurant and Bar, 1685 Argyle St. (Tel: 407-7472)
  2. The Economy Shoe Shop Café and Bar, 1665 Argyle St. (Tel: 423-8845)
  3. Mugs etc. Coffee House, 1335 Barrington St., tel: 492-4111
  4. Star Anise Vietnamese Noodles Restaurant, 1571 Barrington St. (Tel: 422-2602)
    (Their discount will run the entire day, but they ask that BookCamp diners pay cash.)
  5. The Carleton Bar and Grill, 1685 Argyle St. (Tel: 422-6335)